MAY 2020 v1.0.8

MAY 2020 v1.0.8

Hello! Firstly, we hope that you are well in this troubling time. We made the decision to shift course to working on the backend of the app while our team work from home. For this reason, the majority of the items in this app update shall be invisible to the user but you should immediately feel the impact of this update. 

  • We have completely updated the way the app reconnects to your watch. It will become easier and faster to reconnect to your watch, even after closing the app or disconnecting from your watch for long periods of time. 
  • Turn force time on and off in the force-time section. If you do not perform Turners forcing feature you can now switch it off entirely and reduce the risk of accidentally pressing the crown during a performance. 
  • The "What's New?" section now leads directly to this blog. This NKTW blog can not be crawled by google so is difficult to find without a direct link from the app. 

Some more detail about the new force time on/off feature is explained in the video below.

Please ensure your app is up to date with the latest Apple or Android update from the app store. It may take 24 hours for the update to appear in your app store. 


  • Joey Butler

    Hi NK folks,
    I just tried the new on/off Force Time on my first TW.
    Worked great.
    You guys are da bomb!
    Next I will try my second TW, and I expect it will work there too.
    Stay safe.

  • Joey Butler

    Hi NK Team!
    Thanks for the update. I haven’t tested it yet, but I expect greatness!
    I guess I can see the benefit of being able to disable Force Time, but I am glad you didn’t remove it.
    Stay safe.
    Your pal,

  • Samuel wigmore

    Awesome update, really great feature.
    I was wondering when you will put in a recall feature into the calculator? Holding down a button to recall the dif numbers put in would be really helpful as it means I can peak the date they put in ( I use turner as a memory recall effect).

  • Metaxas

    Hi, thank you for the new feature. I am also waiting for a good mini remote. With this it would be perfect. The secret “blind” remote on the iPhone ist not useable professional an far too unsure. I don’t want to use an iPhone during the performance. The filming and caldulating features are clever, but the thought, that the iPhone is used as a remote is a logical thought for critical spectators. Please give an update on this project.

  • Paul

    Great stuff! Thanks for all the awesome material. I too think a miniature remote would be awesome. It’s hard to justify putting your hands in your pockets with the repeated movements.

    Also, it would be super cool if you guys disguised the app by making it look like a calculator app! I’m probably not the first to suggest that.

    Take care and thanks!

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