MAY 2019 v1.0.4

MAY 2019 v1.0.4

We skipped a month so you know it's a big one. 

  • Selfie Mode is here! This new input mode is a combo of the solo and video modes. You can record your solo performances and input a time using swipes. NOTE: There is no vibration feedback after a time is entered, to prevent the sound of the phone vibrating getting recorded. You can press and hold to peek the time you input. 
  • We added a Solo Section, which is a new home of the two solo modes, Swipes and Selfie. It's also the perfect place for new solo modes, coming in the near future. 
  • Your app will now automatically reset the watch to the current time after you calibrate it. Just like magic. 
  • We added a new battery icon to avoid confusion between a dead battery and a poor connection. 
  • Oh, and how about this fancy "What's New" section! Click here for handy tips and tricks about all the new updates in the NKTW app. 

Pro tip: make sure to double-tap before inputting a time in Selfie Mode, to guarantee your first swipe truly is your first swipe! 

Please ensure your app is up to date with the latest Apple or Android update from the app store. 

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