Working with your Turner Watch

Chris James Magician in San Diego

Here are my five tips for performing with your Turner Watch.

I came up with these after performing with my watch countless times at gigs, parties, and casual situations in Los Angeles. I'm happy to share these with you and hope you find them useful! You can comment your own tips below. 

Tailored Swipes - I am an avid user of the solo swipes mode. Rather than reach inside your pocket, you can actually swipe through the fine fabric of suit pants. But what if you're wearing thicker material, like jeans? Simply modify the inside pocket and cut away one layer so only one layer of fabric is between your finger and the phone. Test this by taking off your jeans first - see if you can swipe through the single thick layer before cutting away at them. 

Confidence Test - I gig a lot and the Turner Watch is definitely my favourite routine. The best way to make sure my watch is connected is to quickly set a confirmation time before I perform. I do this periodically throughout my night while walking around and especially before I know I’ll perform the Turner Watch. I quickly glance for the time and I can now perform with 100% confidence.

Be Your Own Accomplice - Our good friend Tom Elderfield has a simple way to perform accomplice mode without an accomplice. He stands to one side of the spectator and holds his watch out in front of them both with the face not showing. Asking the spectator to gaze at the watch, he can easily and swiftly input the time behind the spectators back! No fumbling, no guessing, and a real miracle to the spectator.

Calculator Peek - Calculator mode opens up the possibility to perform hands-free. While most people use the watch as a final kicker prediction in this mode, I never bring the watch into play - I use it as a peek. When the audience is reacting to the force number reveal, I glance at my watch to peek the time. I can then reveal the time in any way I'd like. I can wait until later, or "read their mind" immediately after the calculator trick. 

Multiple Force Times - The force-time function is a great and simple mind reading effect. I got thinking “how can I get multiple forces to one group of people?” It’s actually pretty simple. Open the app to solo swipes and perform force-time like normal, except press the crown twice so the watch stays in normal time. As the group takes turns to spin the crown and look at the watch face - use swipes to send new force-times to the watch. You can do this as many times as you’d like, just be sure to remember your force-times!

That's all for now. I’m excited to write some more tips and tricks for you in the future! I look forward to reading your comments on this post. For more info on the Turner Watch, visit 


  • Jack

    I usually use an accomplice but when I do use swipes I get the spectator to hold the watch facing me to I can be extra sure I set the right time. Hope this helps!

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