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When did you feel you had "made it" as a magician? 

My honest answer is that it all depends on how you quantify making it. As a teenager, the thought that I might be able to make a living doing the thing I love was unfathomable in so many ways. When I was given The Princes Trust support it felt like I was finally being taken seriously. To be given money to invest in my passion from Prince Charles of all people was definitely a pivotal moment. Then, when the business actually started to be successful and was able to support me full time, in some ways I felt like I had made it. Naturally, I’ve always been ambitious - as magicians, I think we are all striving to improve and see how far we can take things. So over the years, the success got bigger than I could have ever imagined! After 3 sell-out headline shows at London’s o2 arena performing for 12,000 people a night, I definitely felt on top of the world - I felt invincible!

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Reverb Into Fuzz

“I think on some level, you do your best things when you’re a little off-balance, a little scared. You’ve got to work from mystery, from wonder, from not knowing.” – Willem Dafoe

I have been making some crazy shit recently—music, maybe, or at least intentional noise. I love groups like ‘Sigur Ros’ and ‘Explosions in the Sky’ and wanted to see what would happen if I took a little time out of every day to explore that landscape for myself. I set out on this particular expedition about two years ago and still haven’t found my way home. Who knows where this will lead, or if it will lead anywhere at all, but for now I will say this:
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Have you ever played Sudoku?

That nine by nine grid that will either leave you feeling like the second coming of Sherlock himself or else the Devil got bored of torturing people with Crosswords and has moved to a more numerical musing. Now there are some interesting little facts you learn while haunting the halls of Hell where Sudoku puzzles are rendered. For instance, there are around 5.5 billion unique, non-equivalent possible solutions of Sudoku. And that you need at least 17 numbers filled in before you can figure out the remaining 32. How about that? 17. What a strange lower limit. Why? Why is that the minimum? Because that is the lowest mathematically provable number that will leave no doubt. If you are inhumanly smart enough to solve a Sudoku problem...

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Here is how it can change yours too.

Social media magicians. To many, we’re deemed collectively as the arch-nemesis of the beautiful art of deception. If you’re online in any way shape or form, then you’ll have stumbled across us. 

With the tactics of clever clickbait, proper lighting (and often over the top reactions), we’re very hard to miss.

My name is Joel M. I now work full time as a magician, performing primarily at corporate events, and collaborating with brands online. We’ve just finished shooting season one of my first TV show, ‘Life is Magic,’ and as of yesterday, I surpassed 1 million social media followers...

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Your Pad or Mine? Organic SvenPad® Insider Tips 

Partnering with Nobody Knows to create their uniquely perfect vision for their Organic SvenPad® was cool because I loved their idea of taking something great and making it even better. I was a customer and big fan of their beautiful TW (I own two), and I was gob-smacked that they chose SvenPads® as their first Essential! There is a hell of a lot of innocent force power under the hood of these little hand-made bad boys, and genuine SvenPads® are considered by pros to be the best in the world. So here I share with you some top insider tips that I’ve learned over the last 5 years...

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