Magic over Zoom

Chris James and John Stessel Performing Magic on Zoom

Perform the Turner Watch Remotely

A few years ago, we launched the classic Turner Watch with your help. You were even in the trailer. Today, magicians around the world perform their magic on video calls from the safety of their home. The current lockdown reminded us of a time when we felt the support of the magic community, and when we too performed magic over video calls. Take a look at the original trailer and see the Turner Watch performed remotely.

When choosing magic to perform remotely, here are our tips.

Be Interactive. Ensure the spectator feels involved in the magic, beyond simply naming a playing card, let them share stories with the group.

Be Visual. The video is on, so give them something to keep their eye on. You can't place objects in their hand, but you can display them clearly in the frame.

Take your time. Go slow, don't feel rushed. If you're performing for twenty-five minutes, five tricks are more than enough.

Keep it simple. Wifi isn't always the best, don't rely on perfect audio and visual for your magic. Choose tricks that are simple at their core and easy to follow along if there's an occasional dip in wifi at either end.

Enjoy it. Remember, you are bringing joy, share the magic and create a shared experience. 

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