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  • Robert B Rudolph

    My name is Bob Rudolph, I am a U.S.M.C. Desert Storm Combat Vet and until about 6 months ago was homeless for about 2 years. While living  on the streets here in Pittsburgh PA or sleeping in the cold weather shelters I would Panhandle, Play Guitar, do Basic Cardistry and Street Magic to get by day to day. I have recently been placed in an apartment of my own by a Veterans Group but still need to supplement my monthly disability income by Preforming, Doing Cardistry and Street Magic. Not the best way to get by, but it’s honest. The cards, sponge balls and stuff I use are usually old and lifeless, or bought at a dollar store and wear out quickly. I go though decks of cards and sponge balls a lot and some of the props I use where out pretty quickly from repeated use. My last gaff deck only lasted 2 weeks. I was wondering if you all may have and Seconds, Props, Decks or Products that you cant sell for one reason or another that you might pass along. Anything you can help with would be very much appreciated. Thank you fro taking the time to read this and for your consideration.
    Semper Fi
    Robert Rudolph
    Stand strong in the storms of life
    The sun will always shine on you  

    R.B. Rudolph
    602 Mulberry St 2nd Floor
    Wilkinsburg, PA,

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