The Magic of Uncertainty

The Magic of Uncertainty

Notes on uncertainty. 

We are living in a future history lesson; an unprecedented time in which we have never been more physically isolated from each other in the name of safety and survival. However, maybe in this space, we can bring ourselves closer together than proximity would ever allow.

Magic has always had a tendency to be a solitary pursuit, with all roads leading back to the individual. Perhaps the current climate will reveal something far more special to us than a trick, a method or a secret for ‘me’—perhaps we will see how valuable our community is and how starved of oxygen it has become.

Perhaps we can share, communicate, connect and explore in new ways. Perhaps we can discover better ways for ourselves as artists, technicians, performers and creators to examine what it means to be a magician and a person in a recalibrated world. Perhaps in order for magic to advance forwards, we need to dig deeper into the things which unite us.

Fundamentally magic is about creativity, problem-solving and perception. It is inherently optimistic and hopeful. It is flexible and capable of becoming anything we want—so what do we want? A new world might crave more certainty and control; how will this affect the purpose and impact of magic? How will magic respond or react to change? How will magic respond or react if nothing changes? Literally anything is possible. How amazing is that!

Some of you might emerge into the new world as adventurers, pioneers and leaders—forging new paths in fresh, fertile ground. Others of you may simply gain a revised appreciation for that which was once taken for granted.

Be brave, be positive, stay safe, help others and remember this moment. Uncertainty can be scary because we fear the worst, but it can also be a catalyst for meaningful change. In the darkest night, the stars appear brighter—perhaps this is the best time to notice their light.

Uncertainty is a brief and fleeting moment in which anything is possible—a moment of unrestricted potential which is truly magical. I cannot say what will happen, I do not know. But I choose to be optimistic and positive—I choose to believe in magic. What do you believe?

Maybe nothing will change, maybe everything will, maybe it already has... Nobody Knows.

Guest post by Ben Earl

This is our second guest post. Check back to read two new guest posts per week. - NK


  • Alton

    Wonderful food for thought, not just during this particular period in our lives, but as a starting point for living life on a daily basis. Appreciate the reflection Ben!

  • Bro Gilbert

    Brilliant Ben!

  • Adam Wilber

    Brilliantly written! Thank you for this.

  • Ryan

    Agree with all of this Ben! One thing I’ve noticed is how much more magician’s are speaking to each other and helping one and other online. I’m so used to everyone being negative on magic forums but that seems to be changing for the better.

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