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Perform the Turner Watch Remotely

A few years ago, we launched the classic Turner Watch with your help. You were even in the trailer. Today, magicians around the world perform their magic on video calls from the safety of their home. The current lockdown reminded us of a time when we felt the support of the magic community, and when we too performed magic over video calls. Take a look at the original trailer and see the Turner Watch performed remotely...

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Here are my five tips for performing with your Turner Watch.

I came up with these after performing with my watch countless times at gigs, parties, and casual situations in Los Angeles. I'm happy to share these with you and hope you find them useful! You can comment your own tips below. 

Tailored Swipes - I am an avid user of the solo swipes mode. Rather than reach inside your pocket, you can actually swipe through the fine fabric of suit pants. But what if you're wearing thicker material, like jeans? Simply modify the inside pocket and cut...

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We now ship from the USA & the UK

Our founders are from California and London - now our company reflects this a little more. All orders placed in Europe will now benefit from faster and more affordable rates, with no customs, and will ship from our UK base. Orders placed in the UK will come with next day delivery as standard. This was highly requested and we're glad to be able to provide this on a trial basis. Place your order and you will automatically be assigned the best Royal Mail shipping rates at checkout. 

Orders placed in America and the Rest of The World will ship from Art of Play in California, USA with USPS or FedEx...

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A letter from Rory Adams, Co-Founder.

The Turner Watch began as a small project between two friends. Chris and I became close working behind the scenes on a Chinese magic TV show in 2017. We shared a love of magic and watches. In the summer of 2018, we launched pre-orders for a magic watch. We needed 300 pre-orders to fund the project. Thanks to 306 magicians in 27 countries around the world, the Turner Watch became a reality. What followed were six incredibly stressful months, refining and manufacturing the first watches and creating and developing the accompanying app. Doing so as we juggled our normal jobs in television. Even as we shipped the first batch from Chris's living room, we never imagined we'd still be sending watches to members around the...

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