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When did you feel you had "made it" as a magician? 

My honest answer is that it all depends on how you quantify making it. As a teenager, the thought that I might be able to make a living doing the thing I love was unfathomable in so many ways. When I was given The Princes Trust support it felt like I was finally being taken seriously. To be given money to invest in my passion from Prince Charles of all people was definitely a pivotal moment. Then, when the business actually started to be successful and was able to support me full time, in some ways I felt like I had made it. Naturally, I’ve always been ambitious - as magicians, I think we are all striving to improve and see how far we can take things. So over the years, the success got bigger than I could have ever imagined! After 3 sell-out headline shows at London’s o2 arena performing for 12,000 people a night, I definitely felt on top of the world - I felt invincible!

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