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Your Pad or Mine? Organic SvenPad® Insider Tips 

Partnering with Nobody Knows to create their uniquely perfect vision for their Organic SvenPad® was cool because I loved their idea of taking something great and making it even better. I was a customer and big fan of their beautiful TW (I own two), and I was gob-smacked that they chose SvenPads® as their first Essential! There is a hell of a lot of innocent force power under the hood of these little hand-made bad boys, and genuine SvenPads® are considered by pros to be the best in the world. So here I share with you some top insider tips that I’ve learned over the last 5 years:

Don't overthink it - The #1 reason some people fail to enjoy the power of their pads is they aren’t sure how to fill them out. “I just don’t know what to put in it.”  Don’t fall into the dreaded magic drawer trap! My best advice is just do it within a week or two of getting your pad and don’t hold out for some holy grail idea. Trust me – the holy grail never comes, but once you see how easy the pad handles – you will be all smiles. Make your first SvenPad® simple and just have some fun – an easy force. You can always keep a few extra pads for those ultimate killer ideas.

Embrace mistakes - Some folks never fill out their SvenPad® because they are scared to death of messing up. Don’t worry about making typos or mistakes. In fact, I know many performers who purposely make some cross-outs or mistake scribbles. Why? Because it looks so much more realistic and will let the pad fly under all radar. In fact, you might even use a variety of pen colors (red, blue, black) which will make the pad look even more boring. Your pad should not look like a magic store prop! A notepad should not be perfect – it is a place to sketch out random ideas.

Oh, gel year - Gel pens are always write! Sharpies are so wrong! Only use gel ink pens for filling out your SvenPads® and they will thank you. In fact, any water-based pen is what you want, as they will not bleed through the paper. Do not ever use Sharpie as it will bleed through. If you want the look of a marker, then I recommend Crayola washable markers (any color) which are easy to find on Amazon or online. Organic Svenpads® arrive with the perfect gel pen included. 

I don't need a map - Yes you do! Get organized. Before you even start filling out your groovy SvenPad®, take notes (not on the SvenPad®) and make a list of what you want inside it. Use Google and search for top things or lists (i.e. “most popular dream destinations,” “top places to fool around,” “top spicy foods,” “famous quotes,” etc.  Your pad has 40 pages (20 long non-force pages, and 20 short force pages). So you need 1 force item + 20 random (non-force) items. Write down your lists BEFORE starting to write in your pad.   

Go all long, then short - The most important tip to remember when filling out your pads is to fill out ONLY the long (non-force) pages first, all of them – front to back. Do not alternate long/short/long/short. By referring to your Google list, it will help you organize and avoid mistakes. Trust me on this as many don’t read the PDF mistakenly alternate – which will usually mess you up (like if your phone rings and you lose track!).  So fill out by slowly flipping front to back and fill out long (1st page), long, long, long, until the end. Then short, short, short pages until the end.  This is the way to avoid screw-ups.

Watch that spine - Your Organic SvenPad® has a unique glued spine at the top – so the pages don’t move and remain at a perfect 1/32" stagger between the long and short pages. IMPORTANT: Never open the pad and turn it back on itself 180 degrees. Doing so will put too much stress on the glued spine at the top, so only flip the front (or back) cover out of the way – but never the book upon itself.  

The eyes have it - The #1 performing force tip is called the “Eye to Eye” force, suggested by Israeli mentalist Lior Manor. The key is to display all the non-force pages, then ask the spectator to hold out their non-dominant hand face up. Place the pad in their hand and ask them to flip pages bottom to top (again and again) while looking at you eye-to-eye. Then instruct them to stop and open to their choice. This is the pro way to force – and precludes them accidentally seeing multiples of the force.

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  • Alex

    My „holy grail“ SvenPad

    Hey I just want to share my work with SvenPad’s, too.

    After I introduced myself as the entertainer with a few card tricks I ask my spectators if they want to see something different. I pull my Svenpad out of my back pocket and show it to them.
    I haven’t only written down words but I have also drawn what I wrote. Simple, not complicated drawings and I use simple things like: bulb, ice cream, playing card, umbrella, flower, … I´ve 30 pages of stuff but there is a special one on page 13. It happened by accident while drawing my first SvenPad. I wanted to draw a “dachshund” but it got a bird face and looks really strange. More often than not I stop fortuitously at this page by showing the drawings to a spectator. I call it the “What ever” and I talk a little bit about it and how strange it looks.
    Then I lay down the SvenPad at the edge of a table and put my cardbox on top of it. I introduce one spectator to riffle through the pages – stop at one page – lift the card box approx 6 cm up – have a quick look at the page and put the cardbox back on top of the SvenPad. With the cardbox on top of the SvenPad I guarantee that the spectator doesn’t see all force pages and riffles only at the edge of the Pad. I turn around and the spectator follows my instructions. And then I force the balloon on the spectator.

    Usually there is always one skeptical spectator in each group. While I´m putting the Pad in my back pocket, I look into the eyes of the skeptical person and ask, if he wants to choose a page, too. Sure, he wants to!

    What makes this special is that I have an exact duplicate of my SvenPad in the same pocket with a bomb as force. And most of the time I stop again at the dachshund. “You know him? The “What ever”, I call him! Do you remember?”
    If you put the dachshunds next to each other they wouldn´t even look exactly the same. One is about 1/3 bigger than the other one. But they have the same strange look and the same colors. For the spectator it´s definitely the same Pad.

    How I read their minds is the reason why I choose bomb and ballon to force.
    I ask them to imagine the form of the object in a simplified way and not to answer or react to my questions in any case and at any time. I name a few shapes like a triangle, a square, a circle, … Then I reveal that both have a circle.
    Going on with more details both will have something like a line (ignition cord and the string to hold the balloon) in their mind (therefore the drawing is so cool – because everybody imagines the picture they see).
    Even “B” and “O” are letters which are in both words if you want to reveal some letters.
    At this point the skeptical person will think they have the same object in mind.
    Sometimes I ask them if they both think of the same? Eventually sperm? Depends on the audience and situation.

    Now it’s time to go on with some differences:
    heavy – light
    destructive/bad situation – happy/nice situation.
    And end with the reveal of ballon and bomb.
    When SvenPads usually kills this double force of the same shape destroys complete.

    I hope you have time to try this out. The look of the skeptical person and the reactions in general are definitely worth the work you can put in your SvenPad.

  • Phil

    I saw Magic Orthodoxy gave these a shining review on youtube. Very tempted.

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