Social Media Magic Changed my Life

Joel M TikTok Magician

This is how social media can change yours too.

Social media magicians. To many, we’re deemed collectively as the arch-nemesis of the beautiful art of deception. If you’re online in any way shape or form, then you’ll have stumbled across us. 

With the tactics of clever clickbait, proper lighting (and often over the top reactions), we’re very hard to miss.

My name is Joel M. I now work full time as a magician, performing primarily at corporate events, and collaborating with brands online. We’ve just finished shooting season one of my first TV show, ‘Life is Magic,’ and as of yesterday, I surpassed 1 million social media followers. 

I say absolutely none of this to brag, I promise. Rather, I’m saying it to make the following point.

I would not have experienced any of this success without posting on social media. 

I’m serious. I got discovered by BBC through TikTok, and over 80% of my gigs come from people who have seen my videos. And I know this because we always ask.

I get plenty of messages from other magicians, asking for advice as to how they can get more gigs, land a TV show, and start building their brand. And my advice is always the same.

Start. Posting. Videos. Online. 

I’m very lucky to be good friends with a number of the top social magicians in the world, and I’m telling you, every single one of them would tell you to do the same thing. The doors that open for you when you have a social following is almost unbelievable. Not just in business, but in general. 

Here’s the truth. If you’re an entertainer, and you’re not posting videos online, you’re missing out on a huge opportunity.

Am I saying that to land a TV show these days you need a social media profile? No. Am I saying that to start getting more gigs and start earning more money as an entertainer you need a social media profile? No. There are plenty of people who have built amazing careers without one. 

What I am saying is that it certainly can’t hurt. 

I often hear magicians say that they don’t know where to start, or that they don’t know how to perform on camera. Listen, if you’re a magician, news flash, you’re already entertaining. 

That’s a huge advantage that 90% of people on the internet don’t have. Whether you like it or not, social media is where the world now lives and breathes, and as entertainers, it’s our responsibly to entertain people, wherever they are! 

It’s easy to hate on a lot of internet magicians but look at it this way. If an entertainer has a social media following, what does that automatically say about them? It says that they’re entertaining. 

People don’t follow someone on social for no reason. Think of the people that you follow online; do you follow them because they have nothing to offer? Unlikely. For the most part, people with large social followings have their following because they provide a lot of value. 

When a company or brand sees an entertainer with a massive social media audience, they are forced to assume that they must provide massive value. And if you don’t like the style of social media magic that’s out there, then you can be the one to change it! 

So, here’s the good news. You can start today.

If you have a smartphone you can start posting content online. And here’s some more good news, it’s not that complicated. Film a magic trick, and post it. The more you post, the better you’ll get. 

Want some even better news? You don’t need 1 million followers to start seeing results. I started to see a massive increase in the quality of work that came my way after the first five thousand followers. And as a bonus, your social content can be used on your website as extra marketing material! Win, win. 

If you’d like to chat about magic, social media, or anything at all, you can reach me on Instagram @itsjoelm. Shoot me a DM, and I’d love to chat magic with you. 

Stay safe, wash those magical, dextrous digits, and get started. 

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