What are Magic Essentials?

Chris James Magician holding Nobody Knows Magic Essentials Pouch

A letter from Rory Adams, Co-Founder.

The Turner Watch began as a small project between two friends. Chris and I became close working behind the scenes on a Chinese magic TV show in 2017. We shared a love of magic and watches. In the summer of 2018, we launched pre-orders for a magic watch. We needed 300 pre-orders to fund the project. Thanks to 306 magicians in 27 countries around the world, the Turner Watch became a reality. What followed were six incredibly stressful months, refining and manufacturing the first watches and creating and developing the accompanying app. Doing so as we juggled our normal jobs in television. Even as we shipped the first batch from Chris's living room, we never imagined we'd still be sending watches to members around the globe.

Two years later, we have a new watch style and a massively improved app. Since the very beginning, we committed to continue building the NKTW app. We plan to keep doing so. To help, Art of Play now ship our orders and we have dedicated support staff. This lets us focus on investing in the Turner Watch app.

In January, we met with our UK based team of developers. We set an app development budget for the year and created a schedule. New app updates are on the way. Our latest poll revealed users continue to prioritise new solo modes - one new solo mode is currently in beta testing. 

A challenge we face as a company is keeping the secret safe. Our very name states that we aim to keep the Turner Watch a secret from the outside world. Up until now, we fund app development through the sale of Turner Watches. This has lead to the need to advertise the watch online. It's time for that to change.

Meet Essentials. Essentials are magic items we believe every magician should own—a curated playlist of brilliant magic tricks you need. We are working with their original creators to bring these to you. Some Essentials have not been commercially available for years, some include small tweaks, and others are perfect as they are. Every Essential is an item we have adored for many years, and tricks we know you will perform over and over.

Collaborating with other magic brands and creators allows us to bring you new magic items, without distracting us from the Turner Watch, its application and upcoming remotes. This also means we can continue to invest in the Turner Watch, without relying on publicly marketing the product. Most importantly, Essentials gives us an opportunity to support more magic brands and creators, and offer proven items to our members. Our first Essential launches this Thursday at 8 AM LA time. There is a limited number in stock, as it's our first time. Please tell your friends, and thank you for joining us on this next chapter at Nobody Knows.

Rory Adams
Co-Founder, Nobody Knows


  • Mr Quinn

    Huge fan from day 1. Always look forward to seeing what the NK team have up their sleeves. Got my Essentials at Blackpool. Don’t miss out on your Essentials from Nobody Knows!

  • Jan Forster

    Guys, keep up your great work! I love my TW and your app! I would love if you would consider to incorporate the TW into iTHUMP… I am sure it would be possible… :) Jan

  • Martin

    When you say “publicly marketing“ are you speaking about advertisements in the magic cafe and strictly magic community? Or do you mean like pyro shooter was marketed by E to the mass market and muggles? You should not even consider that. Do this and you might loose the community that helped you growing.

  • John Byng

    Never has something been so powerful but also so innocent looking. I love my turner watch. Thank you for this update. Was a very good read and happy to hear there’s more to come in the future. Happy customer right here.

  • Andrew

    Keep up the good work and hurry up with that remote lol

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