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I am not a magician. I am a cinematographer. I shoot TV commercials, TV shows, and movies.

Why am I contributing to this blog? Well, just the fact that I've been asked reinforces one thing in my mind: that one of the best things in magic are the friendships we experience.

I first met Chris James, (Mr Nobody Knows) at a restaurant several years back with several other magician pals, and, nice guy that he is, we hit it off and have remained good friends since. Also, present that night was Franco Pascali (who I met through Fabian Moreno, through whom I also met Xavior Spade). At that same dinner was Jacob Rosenberg, who had recently directed an amazing short film featuring Franco. Jacob is a great friend, and we even worked together on a promo film for Helder Guimarães last year.

Okay. Stop. I’m rambling. I know a lot of magicians. Fine.

I could go on, but for now, let me just name drop—I mean reference—seven remarkable people that have written previously for this blog.

At that same dinner was Fatty Dabs (April 21), although I first met him by chance at a Halloween party. Fatty has since played chef at my house more than once, and makes the best damn vegetarian lasagna in the world. He is absolutely the coolest.

Jeremy Griffith (April 7), although a friend via Instagram, (I know, who isn’t) I decided one day to reach out when I was in his neck of the woods, and we met for coffee. SO NICE. He showed me his Ripping move and then proceeded to patiently walk me through it until I finally succeeded! He’s a continuing source of not just really hard card moves, but of life-affirming wisdom and strength. Listen to everything he says.

Laura London (May 7) - I’d been familiar with her and her work for years, but when I met her at Magic Live, our fate was sealed, and we’ve been tight since. We’ve spent quality time together, usually rolling on the floor with laughter, both in the USA and the UK.

What can I say about Ben Earl (March 24)? He’s one of my biggest inspirations, generous as hell, and I’ve had the great privilege to spend time with him in London, on WhatsApp, and on his Instagram Live, where he constantly refers to me as ‘Hollywood cinematographer Larry Fong’. Hilarious.

Josh Janousky (March 26), seen in a previous post, is a virtual friend, but also in an interesting way: he actually worked on the visual effects of The Predator, a film that I shot, so our paths have crossed not just in the magic world but in the movie world too!

Maria Cork (April 16) is also in the movie business, and we have many friends in common. I haven’t met her (yet), but I ALMOST did. I looked for her when I visited the set of ‘Star Wars: The Last Jedi’, but she was in charge of our favorite Wookie, Chewbacca, and I guess she was busy somewhere brushing his fur.

Caroline Ravn (March 20) laughed really hard when I shared a funny story in her native tongue, Swedish. I’m sure she doesn’t remember.

Dynamo (April 14) - well, okay, we only exchanged a few words at ‘The Session’ 2019 in London. Also, I sat near him on an airplane long ago but was so jet-lagged I didn’t realize it was him. But I stared at him a lot, wondering why he looked so familiar, and I’m sure I freaked him out.

But why all this name dropping (and honestly, not very good name dropping)? Because stories like this actually mean the world to me. Because although not a ‘real’ magician, as long as I’ve been part of the magic community, everyone has been so damn accepting and kind, even if I can’t do a diagonal palm shift. It’s no mistake that most of my friends now are, indeed, magicians. They have all made a fantastic, lasting impression on my life and my career.

And I couldn’t imagine it any other way.

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