Scary times, isn’t it?

Caroline Ravn Blog Post

Lick stranger's faces and hope for the best. 

It probably will be scary for a while. I don’t know about you, but I lost all my shows for the next three months in less than 48 hours. Devastating and unreal.

For years I've been procrastinating and told myself I don't have time for some things, especially admin. Now, I see many of my fellow magicians and performer friends not knowing what to do, so I thought I’d try to help you all with some ideas of what I’ll be doing during the next couple of weeks/months to stay on top of things:

  • Changes on my website like writing new text, adding logos and testimonials, videos and pictures.
  • Write blog posts for the future, and now I guess!
  • Dream bigger. If we're being honest with ourselves for a minute; do we listen to our dreams? When you look into the future, who do you see? And what can you do today to make sure you get closer to that goal? I gave my dream a name. Try it.
  • Rewrite the script for my shows. If you, and I mean you, don’t have a script for your show, now is the perfect time to write it!
  • Look over the music I use during the shows; should I change some of it? I know there’s one piece I’ve been using that ”works” but isn’t great really.
  • Go through all my tricks and props; what needs fixing? What can I sell? What have I never opened but would be fun to work on? We all have props laying around that we bought thinking it would be perfect for that thing we’re doing that one time, but then we forget and never open it.
  • Lick everything I see, mainly other people's faces, of course, hoping for men in alien suits to kidnap me when doing a deck review (all content is good content, right?).
  • Look through all my files on my computer (pics, videos, document - just do it Ravn!).
  • Edit videos and pictures to post in the future.
  • Look over my contracts and see if anything needs change.
  • Look over my finances and insurances, Not looking forward to this at all. Can someone please just pick a card instead?
  • Practice with cards since I had an injury a month ago so I’m very stiff in my thumb. 


Here are a couple of book suggestions:

The war of art by Steven Pressfield.
If you're struggling with getting things done or feel stuck in any way, this is the book for you. It's my go-to book at least two times a year. I love coming back to it when I'm feeling uninspired or have too much on my plate. When I have too many projects going on at the same time I get very easily distracted and I find this book helps me to remember my goals and that I am my own worst enemy at times. I highly recommend every artist, entrepreneur, and performer to read this book.

Maximum Entertainment 2.0 by Ken Weber
This book changed my life. Or, at least my work life. It's "easy" to have a show but to know what the heck you're doing is something else. I've been a fan of the original forever, but I have to say that the 2.0 is, well it's in the name I guess, loads better. Ken goes that extra mile here and gives us readers a deeper understanding of things. Also, I'm mentioned in the book so I'm happy. But seriously, great book.

Save the cat! by Blake Snyder
This book sure helped me write stories and how I think about how to present magic both on stages and doing close up. If you ever thought about writing, this would be a good tool for you.

Finally, I just want to say; stay safe. Find someone to work with online to stay productive and make sure you develop during this time. Also, I just read Netflix is lowering the quality due to too many people watching at the same time - so that goes out the window.

Guest post by Caroline Ravn 

This is our first guest post. Check back to read two new guest posts per week. - NK


  • Alex

    Hey. Thanks for the tip with the book Maximum Entertainment 2.0. I ordered it immediately and it is now a good companion for the necessary screen-free time. I am just a hobby magician so far but I lost my first paid gig because of Corona. I feel for all of you who are losing your main source of income now. I wish you all the best and much perseverance.

  • Scott Peirce

    I love the place this is coming from. I am curious, how long before people feel comfortable with some of the major tropes of magic, like examine this object, let me touch you to read your mind, etc. Should we be looking to modify bits, effects, whole acts to address what may become the new normal?

  • Brett Barry

    Great tips Caroline! Thank you as always for sharing your wisdom. It is in scary times like these that we can (potentially) reinvent ourselves and grow. I lost all my future gigs too – and it may be 6-12 months of zero performance cash flow. But each of has more than one gift, and we must use these to survive and hopefully thrive. Wishing you magic my friend. We will get through this.

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