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Bao Hoang Montreal Magician Teaches Card Shuffling

Let’s get shuffling. 

Do you remember how you first learned to handle a deck of cards? I’m not sure about you, but I feel like many of us first learned to shuffle cards by watching other people do it. I don’t quite remember when I first shuffled a deck of cards, but it must’ve been years before I started learning magic. 

I started learning magic when I was 12. By extension, I started to learn how to better handle cards. The riffle shuffle and the overhand shuffle were the two most common shuffling techniques. I picked up both techniques passively. Whether I had to use a table, my knee, or my stomach for support, my riffle shuffle felt good enough for me. I never had a second thought about my handling... that is, until I watched Royal Road to Card Magic DVD with R. Paul Wilson. That was about 2 years after I had already started to learn more advanced card flourishes. Only then had I realized that, though my technique was passable, my overhand shuffle and riffle shuffle still had room for improvement.

Whether you’re a beginner or a seasoned professional, laying down a good foundation is important in building your skillset. I know from personal experience that it is easy to overlook the basics, which is why I decided to teach you 3 basic card handling techniques: the overhand shuffle, the riffle shuffle, and the thumb fan. In this video, I do my best to explain everything I wish I had known when I first started. I hope that this video can be helpful to you regardless of your skill level. Enjoy! 

Guest post by Bao Hoang

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